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At EMERGENT, we strive to focus more on the Vision we have and the Mission we have taking in hand in accordance with keeping our Values intact. Ensuring academic excellence for all students is a fundamental goal of our Institute. However, this goal presents a unique challenge: providing effective support to both underperforming and high-achieving students simultaneously. To overcome this challenge and improve academic performance for all students, the integration of practical strategies becomes essential.


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गुरु ब्रह्मा गुरु विष्णु गुरु देवो महेश्वरा गुरु साक्षात परम ब्रम्ह तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः

Diliprao Musale

Math/Science-35 year’s

B. K. Sangale

Mathematics- 32 Year’s

Reena Mundhe

Physics-7 Year’s

Prajakta Ramphule

English/Social Science-10 Year’s

Rashmi Bhawsar

Biology-10 Year’s

Mahesh Golande

Sanskrit-22 Year’s

Sarika Bajaj


Mayur Musale

Chemistry- 9 Year’s

Supriya Bhosale

Math/Physics-8 Year’s

Kajal Nayak

Maths- 7 Year’s

Swarup Kulkarni

SST – 5 Year’s

Mahendra Sawant

Marathi/hindi-5 Year’s

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Being a student at Emergent Institute, I learned a lot academically and was blessed with good teachers who helped me every step of my journey. The extensive collection of books allow me to study from a variety of publications, to resolve all my doubts. The test series are regularly conducted to brush up all the topics. Teachers and the students combined provide a healthy and competitive environment for a better and fun time learning and preparing for future endeavours.


Embrace the test series as a vital opportunity for growth. Dedicate yourself to it earnestly, trusting in your teachers' guidance and your own abilities. Approach failures as stepping stones to success, always remaining open to learning and improvement.


The Classes were fantastic very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions as they came up......😊 Teaching Skills of the class is Outstanding .... There is Regular Classes ,Test series... The Notes Provided By the Institute is really helpful to Crack Your Exam.... They have faculties ,who are very educated , knowledge and experienced. They are very helpful and understandable well communication ..... They Had Doubt Solving Session which was really helpful to me to clear my queries... Thank You For providing Such a Broad Knowledgable platform... I Feel very greatful To Part of this institute ❤


There being no shortcut to success, I never shirked from putting in the long hours and aimed for excellence. I really wonder if I could have done any of this without my teachers at Emergent Institute who stayed behind for us, clarifying all our doubts even immediately after taking long lectures. I can really never thank them enough.


I was delighted with the personal attention the staff gave to me at Emergent Institute. The dedication, support and motivation of each of the staff member is remarkable and enabled me to achieve my dreams


The study package given here is up to the mark & sufficient for competitive exams and boards preparation. The tests conducted at Emergent Institute are good enough to check your grasp on the topics. Emergent Institute is the best platform for getting success in the competitive exams.


I'm Sakshi Ghongade. Joining Emergent Institute was a good decision all the lectures happen time to time, practices test are arranged for us chapter wise/full syllabus as per our preparations as well as dpp. Teachers clear our doubts whenever asked and diff reference books are available to us for better understanding/self study.

Rihan pathan STUDENT

After joining Emergent classes,my concepts have become more clear before joining Emergent classes,I did not understand the Basics of chemistry but because of Mayur sir, I have improved my understanding ability in chemistry Also,I didn't do well in math either, but thanks to the faculty and the study materials they offer, I've picked it up a lot. The way the teach is just unique.

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